We are The Original Biltong Company – UK purveyors of authentically cured and artisanally crafted grass-fed British & Irish Beef snacks.  We produce natural meat products that are traceable right to the farm, marinated with natural spice blends, inspired by our own South African recipes passed down through our generations.

Our biltong, droëwors bites and droëwors are cured in our purpose-built driers, which allow us to be hands on in the crafting process to ensure delivery of a truly genuine, full flavoured and memorable meaty taste.

We aspire to be the leaders in sustainable and authentic food crafting, and as such, we craft our biltong with the intent to remain traditional, because we believe that the best tasting Biltong is made from simple, natural, real food ingredients.  


  • We are hands on in our biltong making process ensuring that we cure our beef with the most natural ingredients for the most authentic taste without using additives, and nitrates.
  • Our biltong is premium beef packed with flavour at an affordable price point.
  • We use ingredients that are natural and recognizable, that enhance the natural flavours of our silverside beef producing a moreish and quality meaty biltong snack. 
  • Our biltong and droëwors is allergen free
  • Our beef suppliers are Origin Green and Farm Assured members.
  • Grass Fed, Free Range British and  Irish Beef.
  • Award Winning – Taste 2020 – 2 Star
  • Sugarwise accredited


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